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The Spring 2021 Catalog is here!

Style Dots offers a beautiful line of snap-in jewelry that is fun, versatile, customizable, on trend and like no other.  

Our jewelry snaps into a recessed setting with its patented design.  You don't have to worry about our dots coming loose and getting lost.  No one else offers this in the jewelry industry.

You can change dots to customize your look in seconds.  All it takes is changing out one dot and inserting another.  

You are in charge of your own unique look.

Start by selecting your foundation piece and then personalize to your liking with our huge selection of Original Style Dots, Statement Dots, Couture dots with genuine Swarovski Crystals and Square Dots.  

If you like receiving surprises in the mail every month with, then The Dot Club is for you - just $39.95 for three exclusive coordinating dots!  All unique designs.

We want to become your personal boutique shopping experience - in addition to necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings we also have watches, purses, wallets, ankle bracelets and so much more!  

There is a one-year warranty on our high fashion, affordable and high quality products. 

Our entire line of jewelry is designed exclusively by Style Dots, LLC.

Our Couture line of dots feature hand-set Swarovski crystals while our Luxe dots feature Czech crystals. 

Our handmade dichroic dots offer unique designs for those that love the unique one-of-a-kind flair.  


Call or Text me at:  817-909-3649

You will love our jewelry!  



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