Allure Ring Size 10

Price: $29.95
SKU: ALR1010
Average: 5 (3 votes)

Complete your put-together look when you add the Allure Ring to your jewelry collection. Your single 12mm Dot will be shown off by the distinctive antiqued roping framing both the snap and both sides of the band, making it the perfect match for all the other pieces in the Allure line.

  • Available in sizes 6 - 10
  • .6" in diameter
  • Holds one 12mm Dot

Raves & Reviews

The sweetest of all the rings, to me, is the Allure Ring. The perfectly sized foundation is beautiful whether you wear it on your ring finger, index finger or your middle finger. The roped edging not only embraces the Dot, but goes around the entire band for an even more polished look.
This is my favorite ring! I love pairing it with the tender Dots!!
The detail on this ring is amazing. You can snap-in any of the 12mm Dots to match your outfits and will be the talk of the town. It's gorgeous and so versatile.