Pink Moonstone Bracelet & Dot Set

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Translucent moonstone beads shimmer and shine in this delightful and meaningful bracelet.  Snap in the Pink Ribbon Dot outlined in pink Aurora Borealis crystals for even more inspiration.  Or swap out the Dot with any of our other impressive Dots to make this bracelet all your own.

This month's Giving Circle recipient is Advance Camp Texas whose mission it is to mentor and teach fatherless boys some very foundational and fundamental life skills and lessons.  The boys are taught such things as how to use a lawn mower, change a bike tire, cooking basics, how to fish, build a fire, and survive in the woods.  When they age out of the program, they are encouraged to mentor the younger boys. The program is completely free for campers and donations help keep it that way.  This program has been a blessing to many and we are thrilled to be able to help them continue this valuable work.

  • Holds one Original Dot
  • Comes with one Pink Ribbon Dot
  • Stretch Band - one size fits most.